Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lime Crime Crema De Lemon Nail Polish

I recently received my first Lime Crime Nail Polish courtesy of my August IPSY. Thanks to my viewers, I was able to grab this babe so thanks you guys:)) 
Natural Light
With Flash
 The color is call Crema De Lemon and the name is fitting because it reminds me of Lemons and Creme. The application was not as easy as I would've preferred due to the wide thick brush, but I was still able to apply 3 coats evenly. Also, the polish is a tad bit thick which can be a pro or con for me...
Pro: It doesn't leave the polish streaky 
Con: Thicker polishes has a tendency to bubble. Fortunately this particular brand didn't bubble. I hope it stays that way. 
Overall I am happy with the polish. I have always wanted to try Lime Crime Lipstick so I guess I will be taking the leap to add that to my makeup collection. 

If you're interested in joining IPSY, feel free to use my link HERE! The subscription is only $10/month and you get about 4-5 beauty related products delivered monthly (shipping is also included). I've been a member for about a year now I believe, and have no regrets! I love the surprise factor of getting something new and also the different girly and cute makeup bags that comes with the products. 

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