Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MAC A Novel Romance 'LINGERING KISS' Dupe !!

Ladies, I have found the perfect match to MAC's Lingering Kiss lipstick and No it is not Talk that Talk which is also by MAC. If you aren't aware, their new collection 'A Novel Romance' was released this week. The first and only color I had my heart set on was this one. The color is so rich and perfect for fall which is right around the corner. It was a must have for me! 
You will never believe what brand and lipstick is the dupe for Lingering Kiss. 
Natural Light: (top)Dupe (bottom)Lingering Kiss 
Artificial Light: (top)Dupe (bottom)Lingering Kiss 
 As you can see in Natural light, they are almost identical. You probably couldn't tell the difference could you? In Artificial light, the textures of the lipsticks are different. The Dupe isn't a matte whereas Lingering Kiss is a true matte. To change the texture of any non-matte lipstick to a matte, add a little translucent powder after applying the lipstick, and Walah! 
Matte lipstick it is♡
The Dupe for Lingering Kiss is...

NYX Decadent

I purchased mines from Cherry Culture some time ago but cannot find it there now. However, I was able to find the lipstick on eBay (some of the buyers have different so I'm not sure if the shade is too), and HERE. If any of you ladies currently have this color or can track it down, please grab it. It's such a beautiful color. They both are :)
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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for this. I live under a rock and find out what I love after it goes out of stock 9 times out of 10. Will be looking for NYX Decadent :)

L Luves L said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry for the delay. You're Welcome. I'm glad this could help you a little :) Good Luck with your purchase @Anonymous