Friday, October 28, 2011

NARS Yorokobi Super Orgasm Set

Never purchased or experience NARS before but have always wanted to try. My coworker told me about Sephora's Family and Friends discount which gives 20% off all items purchased online. I thought "WOW, THIS IS MY CHANCE TO GIVE NARS A TRY!"
I knew about Orgasm from others on YouTube, but found out there was a Super Orgasm so I ordered that particular set using my discount I found here:

The shipping was so fast and I love that. I purchased on a Friday and received my package on Monday. The set comes with nail polish, blush, and also lip gloss all named "Super Orgasm". I wore the the blush and also the lip gloss for the first time on Tuesday because I was so happy to have in my hands FINALLY after months of wanting.

I love the way the gloss shimmered and went on so smoothly. The shimmer was just the right amount. I love the gloss ! Also, the gloss was not sticky like MAC lipglass so that was a plus.

The blush however really made my day puzzling. All day while working, I was rubbing glitter off my face and had no idea where the glitter came from. It was under my nose, on my forehead, and near my eyes so I was really lost. Later that evening, I came home and went back online to Sephora to see what other new items they had because I love to shop ☺ I decided since I was there I should check out reviews for the set I had already purchased. I realized at that time that the glitter on my face was from the NARS blush. The blush has gold flakes. I knew the blush would have some shimmer, but I had no idea it would have this type much shimmer.

For some, this may be a thumbs up but for me, it is a thumbs down. It is too much shimmer for my personal style. I really do not like the fact that I only put the blush on my cheeks but the glitter was everywhere on my face. I felt like a kid who just opened a arts and craft set and made a mess everywhere. I love the coverage but not the shimmer. Unfortunately I will have to return the set. I do enjoy the lip gloss so I will purchase that outside of this particular set.