Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deborah Lippmann dupe meets JewelMint

I have heard so much about a great dupe for Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance Nail Polish called Faucets of Fuchsia by Revlon. I have picked this polish up many times at my local Target, but never purchased. YES, call me crazy!!

I finally decided to give it a try and I'm glad that I did. It's so gorgeous. I love how the flakes of glitter are larger than the norm. All of my glitter polishes has tiny specks of glitter, so this was something different and new. I am really loving this polish for the fall and winter months. 

You can really see how large the flakes of glitter are

Shortly after purchasing the polish, JewelMint released their new November pieces and as soon as I saw Madame Mystery, I knew I had to get the earrings. They are a perfect match to the polish. Yay!

The detailing on the earrings are unbelievable. I love these!

The stones also add a nice, classy, and elegant look
I was looking at the cover of Oprah's newest book and thought I was seeing a double. Her earrings looks just like Madame Mystery. They both have the same similar shape and style. 

Ironically, my new Web Lace ring that I also ordered matches as well. Double YAY !!

I love how the light shines through the ring

The ring with dark nails are a must

Here is a side view of the ring (it really reminds me of a Web)
Another side view

I am really happy with the items. They are dark which I love, and also bold which I also love. 


Bloo said... Best Blogger Tips

Everything looks great. I'm loving the nail polish and might have to go on a hunt for it, but I just got a similar polish. It's actually a black polish with tiny purple sparkles, nothing like the huge chunks in Revlon's. Loving it. Madame Mysteries were a great purchase for me too, still debating the web ring.