Saturday, November 5, 2011

Update on my American Apparel Nail Polish

Update on my American Apparel Nail Polish 

I have been wearing Crescent Heights now for AT LEAST 4 days now and I must say this.....WOW!! 

This polish has lasted so long that I am in shock. In comparison with my first nail polish from AA, this is amazing and has won me over.

I was correct when I stated in my previous post that color does matter. As soon as I pulled the applicator out the Crescent Heights bottle, I knew it was not going to chip as quickly as the other color had in the past.

Usually I swap out my polish every 2 to 3 days because I just get bored with the color but not this time! The color is so unique and I love having a little breather from nail polish touch ups :-) 

Touch ups:

  • Putting polish over my worn polish, then another top coat
  • Removing the old polish and adding fresh polish on that particular nail 
  • Adding a top coat every day, or every other day after my initial coat is added
There is very minimal chipping because.....YES, I am still wearing the same polish today

Left Hand

Right Hand (the hand I use the most)

It has a little more chipping, but still in pretty good shape

Thank goodness for second chances because I was going to miss out on a really great product. I will be purchasing from them again with a smile on my face.