Friday, December 2, 2011

Jewelmint Le Beau Review

The month of November with Jewelmint was amazing. I was in love with a lot of the pieces and wanted everything. I knew some were a must to add to my growing collection and this necklace was one of them. 
I purchased "Le Beau" because it was ALMOST SOLD OUT so I had no time to waste. LOL! I purchased this piece the day after Thanksgiving and it arrived today so that was pretty fast since it was a holiday week. Also, I live on the East Coast and Jewelmint are on the West Coast. Jewelmint shipping has been delayed recently, so I'm glad they have gotten back on track with quick shipments. 
The concept of Le Beau is ladies wearing our boyfriend's class ring, or ring. I think that's kind of cute
When I first opened the box, I was in Ahhh! The pendant (ring) is a nice size and it is shiny gold mixed with dark colors.

It really looks like a guys ring 
You can wear the pendant as a ring, but my fingers are too large to do so
The necklace has a pretty long extender so that's a plus
I feel like you're getting two pieces all in one with Le Beau. You can wear the piece as a ring separate from the necklace, OR wear them both together. Great Versatility !

Close up of the necklace worn

Here is a side view 
I love Cardigans so this will be a great neck piece to wear. I recently got a haircut and was told I look like a true college girl (which I am), so I am excited for my new head to toe look. I cannot wait to wear this out for the first time. 
Yes, the piece is now sold out, but if you check out jewelmint discussions group on facebook, you may be able to find someone who is willing to sell their piece. It is never too late to get any jewelmint piece since I received a lot of my SOLD OUT pieces from facebook, and often pieces are restocked at later dates so keep checking out their site.


HOWUDON said... Best Blogger Tips

This is the item I missed the Le Beau and can not find anyone trading it....Well I am going to be stalking this until I get it...