Sunday, December 11, 2011


I am in love with OCC Lip Tars and their Nail Lacquer. Someone I know loves dark polish, so any chance that I get to grab a dark polish, I jump on it immediately. I purchased this polish a while back and just got around to actually wearing it. I wasn't going to do a post on the polish because I thought it was discontinued but luckily for you, it is not.

At first glance, it looks black. 

Urban Warrior and Zoe by jewelmint
OCC describes the polish as a almost blue-black color. I would say the polish is blue for certain. 

You can really see the blue
When I polished my nails, I accidentally hit something so I had to redo 1 nail. When I removed the polish from my nail, I found out why the polish is called INKY. This is really like ink and doesn't come off! I even tried using pure acetone, but yet the polish was still on my nails. 

Since my nails looked so lush, I decided to let this polish have its wear. This polish lasted for over 4 days and all I have to say is WOW!!! I was so very pleased once again with OCC.

I knew when it was time to remove the polish, I was going to have a major task on my hand. When I did remove the polish, I had just the right thing to correct my nail bed. I remembered I purchased this a while back when I was wearing black nails for a few weeks. I knew that it worked really well then so I gave it another try now.
A.S.P. Whitening Nail Paste
In the box comes the whitening paste which looks like a mini toothpaste tube and a nail brush. As I was squeezing the tube, no paste was coming out. I had to cut the tube in half to get any product out because I realized the Whitening Paste had hardened a little since I last used it. I pulled out as much product as I could with my fingers. 

After I got a little of the paste out, I put it on my wet nail brush and scrubbed away. Once again, it was a success. All of the dark polish was removed from my nails. 

Now I am on the search for a new whitening nail paste. Hopefully I can find something that will not thicken or harden after one use though :-(