Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jewelmint January Selections

This month I was pleasantly surprised. I love almost everything in my showroom. I feel like this months showroom is a preparing me for the Spring. The pieces are so fun and bubbly. There are also a few pieces that reminds me of taking a girls trip, or a beach vacation and I love that!

This first item I knew I had to get was Call to Arms which sold out rather quickly. This is a very sexy and unique piece. This would be perfect for a night on the town, or vacationing in Mexico. So beautiful! 
Call to Arms

The next item that I added to my showroom was Message in a Bottle. When I first opened the box, it definitely stood out. I wish the pendant was a little smaller. I'm not sure if this is for me, but it is a beautiful piece. I love the tiny heart toggle which reminds me of the Rosegold heart that is on my Humanity II. The little horseshoe is cute too ♥.

Message in a Bottle (toggle is on the left to open)

I took my chance on this bracelet called Heart of Clove and I'm glad I did. Its a nice size and really cute. The pendant is the perfect size. It's not too large or too subtle. It is really nice for pairing. This will be great to wear with Friendship or Trinity Bracelets. I am glad that I purchased this ♣

Clear, Brown (Brownish Red maybe), Mustard Yellow, and Green clovers
Around the perimeter of the charm is gold
When I saw the Flabella earrings, I wanted them because they remind me of Regal Clusters, but these are for pierced ears. My first shipment was defective, but I cannot wait until I receive my replacement pair. They are so beautiful! If you love Forever and Very Audrey, You will LOVE these!
The top stone on the right is cloudy, unlike the left stone
The top stone was not set flat. It's sticking up :-(
Overall, I am happy with what I have selected. I also ordered the Carnaby Bangle but unsure if I will be able to fit it. I am considering Smooth Sailing instead of Message in a Bottle, but I am still undecided.