Friday, January 20, 2012

Jewelmint Screen Siren, Poseidon Blush, & Gatsby Review

     I have been eyeing Screen Siren for a while, but was afraid to purchase them in fear that I would receive them in a mystery bag. Let me explain what a Jewelmint Mystery Bag is. This is when you purchase a bag of goodies from Jewelmint usually for $29.99 (the normal price of their jewelry items). In the bag, you can receive several Jewelmint jewelry items, promo codes, or other offers from their brand or any Mint brand. 
     When someone purchase more than one mystery bag, it is not uncommon for Jewelmint to include the duplicate items in all the bags. For example if you order 2 bags, both bags can have Soleil and Le Beau leaving you with two Soleil Bracelets and two Le Beau Necklaces. This actually happened to me and I had 3 Le Beau necklaces since I already purchased one previously. Luckily, the Jewelmint trade boards are available and it is the perfect chance to trade for pieces you do not have currently. 
     I traded a item for Screen Siren and I am glad that I did. The earrings are a very sparkly amethyst and so delicate. They are really unique earrings and so classy. I only wished the earrings were a little bit longer. I feel that if you have longer dark hair, the earrings wouldn't show as much. My hair isn't that long, but I still needed to pull my hair back a tad bit so the earrings can show. 

Screen Siren Earrings
I did not dress the earrings up when I wore them, but I was torn about what other jewelry items would match up with the earrings. At first I tried Empress because I haven't given that necklace a try yet, but I felt that it was too many dark colored jewelry items. I decided to go with something that would brighten up my eyeshadow and earrings. I went for Poseidon Blush, which I also received in a trade. I LOVE this necklace! 
Poseidon Blush Necklace
Next was my decision for arm pieces. Since Poseidon Blush is outlined in silver, I wanted a silver bracelet. Bombshell is too blinged out and really wouldn't go well with my dressed down look, so I reached for Gatsby. I think it all came together pretty well. I feel like it wasn't too much and wasn't too little either. What are your thoughts?