Thursday, January 26, 2012

NYX Girls Polish Swatches and Review -- PART I

I was searching for 3D, Flecks, or Flakes polish. I first heard about the special polish from my Facebook and Blog Friend Fhauling4You, when she mentioned Finger Paints Special Effects Polish. I searched my local Sally's Beauty and they did not have any in stock. I decided to come home and do what I can do best and that is search the web. LOL! After a few minutes, I found a site called Cherry Culture and they have lots and lots of what I love...MAKEUP and POLISH!! They had a sale and I went crazy getting as much polish that I could.  It was a good day to show you swatches because I wanted to try out my new camera. I can tell such a huge difference in my photos. I'm really excited and happy, so let me show you what I purchased.....
 NYX Pistachio - A very cool Blue. Almost close to Tiffany Blue, but not quite
NYX Sour Lime - Shimmery Lime Green
NYX Lapis - Reminds me of a Periwinkle Blue. The color is amazing

 NYX Peach Ave (over Orly's Pure Porcelain) - The Flakes are hard to pick up on the brush,
BUT once you grab them, the polish is Beautiful. The flakes are Chunky & Iridescent Blue in color. Love!

NYX Blue Ave (over Orly's Pure Porcelain) - The smallest flakes of them all, but still cute and very subtle.
The flakes are pink and sky blue in color, but more pink
NYX Frizz Spots (over Orly's Liquid Vinyl) - This is so pretty. Since the tint of the polish is black,
I think this will only work with a dark nail polish color like Black or Navy.  One of my FAVs!
NYX Gilded Glitter (over Orly's Liquid Vinyl) - I'm not a gold gal, but I love this gold.
The specks are larger than average glitter so I will consider this to be a flakes polish
NYX Dream Glitter (over Lapis) - This is my top choice. It picks up over all polish colors and
the flakes are all shapes including Stars. How cute !!

I am really happy with my purchase. I remember when I went to Sally's asking for Finger Paints and when I said "Flecks Polish", the employee looked very puzzled, so to not confuse anyone, I'll say Flakes Polish. Also since the top coats that I used has specks that are larger than tiny specks of glitter, Flakes is the perfect name. I am so glad I found this site and they had everything I was searching for. Such a great purchase and a must have to add to your collection. I'm a happy gal


Bloo said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the shout out! :) I have NYX Dream Glitter too. I love the little stars, but when I used it a couple of them had corners that stuck up and poked me... lol

XOXO said... Best Blogger Tips

You're Welcome! I did notice when I wore the Flecks for the swatches that I found myself trying to wipe my something off my nails. I forgot it was the Flecks. HaHa. @Bloo