Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sally Hansen "Big Money" Gem Crush

I was searching for special effects polish since I have heard so many good things about it so I was on the hunt! After I checked a few stores, no one had it so I gave up:-( While at CVS, I did run across Sally Hansen's new nail polish called Gem Crush. It wasn't the special effects I was searching for, but it was something new so why not? I absolutely love all of my silver glitter polishes, but I do not have any in gold so I wanted to try my hand (literally) at the gold. LOL. I picked up"Big Money" which is a glitter gold with specks of peach or Rosegold colored glitter.
Big Money
I was unsure what kind of coverage the polish would give since it was a glitter polish so I wanted to use a colored base polish, just in case the polish was too sheer. 
I was going to grab Deborah Lippmann Nefertiti Nail Lacquer, but I thought the metallic from that polish would overshadow Big Money so I grabbed Bourbon St. by Funky Fingers. I never used this polish in this color before, but I guess it'll work. 
Bourbon St.
No Flash
Below: I used Bourbon St. as a base coat on my pointer and middle fingers, with Big Money on my other fingers.
No Flash
With Flash
They all look the same to me. If you look very closely to at my pointer finger, you can tell that it is a little darker than the others because I used 2 coats of Bourbon St on that nail only. Otherwise, you can barely notice a difference. 

Yay's (Pros) about the product:
  • I am glad I had the chance to see how gold glitter polish would look on me.
  • If you love Gold, then you would love this nail polish.
  • Two Coats is all you need so the coverage is really great!
  • Very sparkly and shiny.
Nay's (Cons) about the product:
  • Too expensive (cost over $7 at CVS). I can usually get polish for much cheaper from Sally's Beauty or shopping online.
  • Hard to get off like all my other glitter polishes. You definitely need pure acetone to remove this because it is going to be a struggle.
  • The Rosegold/Peach colored glitter specks appear to be black when your hands are not moving. Not sure if I really like that too much. 
  • The color does not go well with my complexion. I will stick with my silver glitter instead of gold. 
Would I buy again? I probably would, but only if the product is on sale and I am able to get it in a totally different color like Bling-tastic 


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