Friday, February 17, 2012

OOTD w/ OCC, ASOS ♥ JewelMint Celestial Wreath

I was suppose to make a post on this a few days ago but I completely forget (Ooops!) This was my Valentine's OOTD. I wanted to jazz things up, but not too over the top. I have had JewelMint Celestial Wreath necklace for a while, but never wore it. Valentine's was my chance to try and style it. Since the necklace speaks for itself, I did not want too much bling with my earrings. JewelMint Versailles would have been nice but I wanted my necklace to stand out over my earrings so I opt for JewelMint Diving Belle which I am also wearing for the first time. The blue in the necklace and earrings are similar. 
Nails - Radiate by OCC 
Jacket - Forever 21
Clutch - ASOS
The lipstick is Anime by OCC  
EyeShadow - Urban Decay's Naked palette
                      Yes, Diving Belle Earrings may be a little heavy for some. Luckily for myself, they are not bothersome at all. I've had my ears pierced since I was a baby and my hole is not too low on my ear. I believe that may be why I can wear heavier earrings. Thanks God-Mom!!! The earrings are simple and unique. They look like my belly button ring which I thought was a little weird at first, but now I feel differently.
                     Celestial Wreath necklace is really classy, elegant, and so pretty. It's shocking to know that JewelMint made pieces like this. I heard that when JewelMint started making jewelry, their pieces were heavier and made with a higher quality. I have a few of their older items and I have to agree. Their newer items are beautiful too, but sometimes the jewelry doesn't seem worth 29.99. This is a jaw dropping necklace.
          I have always wanted a bright clutch and something that really popped. I wasn't sure if I wanted a green, pink, or yellow on though. Since I love pink lips and nails, I picked pink as my first bright colored clutch. It's a sexy clutch that I actually can wear all year round. It's so lush and hot. I purchased this a while ago and I am just getting around to wearing it. Luckily, it is still available for purchase 


Bloo said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this outfit. Perfect for valentines day without being something you would see just anywhere.

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank You Doll @Bloo

ering24 said... Best Blogger Tips

I know it's a longshot, but if you decide to sell the Celestial Wreath, I would pay good money for it! :)

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to have to pass :-) @ering24