Monday, February 20, 2012

Zoya Bibhu Mohapatra w/ Sparkle Gloss Swatches and Review

I wanted to get a limited edition Color Box from Zoya from NYFW (New York Fashion Week). When I saw the colors in the Bibhu Mohapatra box, the colors were what I was looking for. I love the pale shades and then the red that just pops. I checked the names of the polishes to make sure they were indeed limited edition colors and they were. I wanted something that was fresh and new. The added bonus for this color box was that the shipping was FREE and I was getting a FREE Sparkle Gloss too. I couldn't resist. 
(l) Zeenat - a pale shimmer grey that is almost silver
(m)Preveen - a shimmer beige/taupe
(r)Rekha - a true red, not too bright and not too dark
 I have never seen a color like Zeenat before. A pale grey shimmer is so unique. With other brands, usually the grey isn't a true grey, or the shimmer is too much but that is not the case here. This color is perfect.
My new fav red! I paired the polish up with Wet N' Wild # 552A & Nars Exhibit A Blush
When comparing Parveen to Cho, the shimmer is Cho is more subtle than Parveen. Also Parveen is a little darker.
 When comparing Rekha to America, Rekha is a little darker. Still a beautiful red. So Gorgeous!
This was my freebie and what a wonderful freebie it was. Even with no other polish, the sparkle still shows. It's not too over the top. I cannot wait to wear this as a top coat. 

** I used 2 coats for all swatches **
Feel free to shop Zoya here with my link and let me know what are your thoughts on their polish 
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