Sunday, May 20, 2012

JewelMint's Modern Love Friendship Bracelets Review

This may be a shocker or surprise for some of you. I say this because I am pretty stunned myself. LOL. Ok, if you were in my FaceBook JewelMint "circle" (as some girls say), you will know that JewelMint rubbed me the wrong way. I use to be in AWWW of the company, their products, and style. Of course, there were definitely some kinks that needed to be worked out and their customer service was one of them. After one of their employees showed me what customer service reps shouldn't do, I cancelled my account.
Now here I am months later, and I have signed up for JewelMint again. Recently, I have been getting so many compliments about my friendship bracelets by JewelMint that I previously owned. I have always loved them and thought they were great layering pieces so I can understand why others would loved them too! I was doing ok and still not thinking about JM until my friend said that she wanted some good friendship bracelets, but she couldn't find any anywhere. I admitted to her that I couldn't either because I had been on the look out for a few weeks myself. When I told her about the ones I had and how it was a steal because it was three in a set, we both took the leap together and here is my purchase...
Top-Muted Purple/Dark Lavender w/ RoseGold
Middle - Bright to Medium Purple w/Tarnished Gold
Bottom - Dark Deep Red, but not quite Burgundy w/Tarnished RoseGold
After my JewelMint purchased, I found these at Target and was really happy with their bracelets especially the style and price. They were $4 each, or 3 for $12. I opted for these three and I will be going back for sure to rack up on the other colors they had like blue, red, pink, and one of my favorite colors which is black. 
Target Bracelets
T-Mustard Yellow with Clear Rhinestones
Left-Citron Lemon or Neon Yellow 
Right-Pumpkin Orange
Modern Love Set with my new Pumpkin and Neon Bracelet
I like to really load up the bracelets like this!
(Same match up but I added: RoseGold Bangle from BB, Tiffany & Co. bracelets, & a bracelet from F21)
Here is a close up
       Overall, I am happy with the bracelets even though the picture from the site shows much brighter bracelets. See or yourself HERE .The ones I received were not bright at all. The purple bracelet is the brightest of the three, but it's still nothing like the website picture. Also, it would have been nice if JewelMint made one of the bracelets with a silver toggle instead of all the toggles being dark in color. Luckily for me, my other sets have one bracelet with a silver toggle so that'll work for future mix metal arm parties :-) 
I guess I will see where my journey takes and how things go for me after this purchase. I am going to do things differently this time around for sure because I got way too over-involved with JewelMint previously so that will not be happening again. 

What I'm wearing - Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

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HelloMissKitty said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanx for the Review! I also had my eye on the friendship bracelets the price always threw me fro a loop. But I will be checking out the ones from Target (I love that store!).

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

You're Welcome. I agree because 29.99 is kinda pricey, but getting them with a promo isn't too bad. The Target ones are cutteeeee! I'm going back for more. LOL @HelloMissKitty