Friday, May 11, 2012

Zoya Earth Day Swatches

Hello Beautiful Bloggers! I had to share with you my most recent Zoya additions. They are pretty lush! Social Networking is where its at. I've learned that if you're not on Twitter or Facebook, you're missing out on the best deals. For Earth Day, Zoya had a promotion (like they always do) where they would recycle your old used nail polishes that were non Zoya bottles. I have a few older bottles that just did not work out for me, but I refused to throw them away so this promotion was right up my alley. The deal was however many bottles you were willing to return to Zoya, that was the amount of bottles you had to purchase from Zoya. For example, I had 7 old bottles of polish so I purchased 7 new bottles from Zoya. I actually believe that Zoya had a minimum bottle purchase of 6 so that worked out perfectly. Also, when you purchased the 6+ bottles from Zoya, they all were 1/2 off. Yes HALF OFF so instead of $8 a bottle, they were $4 a bottle. I purchased 7 bottles for $28 instead of $56 so it was an amazing deal. Zoya would prefer you to mail your old bottles back, but it was not mandatory with this promotion. I did mail my old bottles back because I love to recycle and I wanted to do the right thing. 

Megan - "Full coverage, taupe gray cream"

                                    Tallulah - "Medium electric cobalt blue with fine bright aqua shimmer"

Tracie - "Faded, yellow-toned pistachio green with delicate silvery shimmer for a frosted pearl finish"

                                           Mitzi - "Funky murky light yellow-toned lime green cream with a velvety matte finish"

Adina - "Violet metallic multichrome. A frosty hint of green and magenta"

                                      Meg - "Light yellow-toned mermaid green with heavy gold and silver metallic shimmer and a sparkling foil finish"

Charisma - "Ultra bright neon fluorescent magenta/red-toned purple cream. This neon shade dries matte, but also can be worn with topcoat for a glossy finish"

These are the bottles that I purchased. I've included Zoya's description of each nail polish for you as well. 

I thought my favorite would be Charisma because of it's bright color and unique shade, 
but this polish is so hard to apply. As you can see from my swatch, it's VERY thick. I tried more than once to get an even coat but was unsuccessful in doing so. I am clueless on how I am going to apply this polish. For now, I'll just look at the bottle on my nail rack and imagine it on my nails :-(

The polish that I thought I would not care for was Adina. I am not a fan of multichrome polishes, but this was a pleasant surprise. Its a sexy gorgeous color that I love. 

Mitzi is my first Matte polish and I'm glad that I purchased her. I love neon colors and this is one of a kind. I cannot wait to wear this out. 

When I went to visit my Grandmother, she had her nails polished with a pretty green color. Her polish was identical to Tracie. I couldn't believe that it was a perfect match. I know she didn't have on Zoya's Tracie because she doesn't shop online, but it was so ironic because I just took Tracie off of my nails the previous day. Great minds really do think alike

Zoya is currently running a promotion where the shipping is FREE!! (code: FSG25). I wish I would have waited to purchase my Qtica Natural Nail Stimulator I just received yesterday for this promotion. I do recommend purchasing something now with this promotion because shipping is usually $6.95 which is almost the price of a bottle of nail polish. If you're new to Zoya, feel free to use my link for your first purchase.I would appreciate it.

Thanks for stopping by, XOXO 

*** Two Coats of Polish were used in my review
with the exception of 3 coats of Mitzi & 1 coat of Meg***

This is not a sponsored post


HelloMissKitty said... Best Blogger Tips

Great Post Latasha! I love Megan, Mitzi and adina. I will be using ur link for a purchase. God Bless!

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

You like all of my favs too especially Adina. Haven't worn them out yet, but I'm excited to do so. Thank you so much for your support girly. I appreciate you greatly :-) @HelloMissKitty

HelloMissKitty said... Best Blogger Tips

Your welcome! :)