Friday, June 15, 2012

JewelMint Lovely Audrey Earrings Review

Isn't she Lovely, Isn't she wonderful?(I love Stevie)! Yep, these are my newest Audrey earrings by JewelMint and they are beyond gorgeous. I did not want pink because I'm not really a pink gal. Also, I was kinda worried that these pink earrings would look cheesy but I couldn't have been more wrong! These are cute, simple, and classic. 
Look at how crystal clear they are when you see them with my Forever Audrey.
They are shiny sparklers and every gal should own at least one pair.
I believe that JewelMint Audrey earrings are the pieces
that are worth 29.99 and more. The other Audrey
earrings by JewelMint are Very Audrey and Darling Audrey.
Forever Audrey
I do not know anyone that doesn't love their Audrey earrings. I always feel like a princess when I wear mines. What are your thoughts?

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