Saturday, June 9, 2012

ASOS Gem Drop Earrings in Green

Howdy Yall! I hope your week was amazing and enjoyable. I believe the warm months are here to stay. THANK YOU. I do not like cold weather at all. The hotter the better for me. LOL. Ok, I wanted to share with you some earrings that I recently purchased. I've been wanting emerald dangle earrings since I saw Angelina Jolie wear hers on the red carpet. This year has really been my year for green seriously. It's one of my favorite colors. Green to me is so refreshing, classy, and such a gorgeous color that I think looks great on anyone. I purchased these babes from ASOS because I didn't want to pay the 2.5+million that Angelina paid :-)
Aren't they just beautiful?
Not the Emerald I was searching for, but these Green Gem Drops are perfect!
They worked for my Night on the Town
Black Dress with NO necklace because the earrings said it all!
Great Match to my shoe of the evening
I was kicking myself for missing the Platinum Bauble from Bauble Bar with their emerald dangle earrings, but not any longer. These were less expensive, exact style, and perfect size I wanted. They are almost 3 inches in length and very light in weight. They are not heavy at all.
I know you're wondering what the price are of these earrings right? These babes were only $13.26 and you can purchase them here! I love ASOS especially since shipping is free. That's a Huge plus when it comes to shopping. They also come in Blue and Pink. The blue ones are calling me so I have to purchase them asap because I know they are going to sell out FAST!

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