Friday, July 13, 2012

American Apparel Echo Park Review

I hope this works. Ok, I am attempting to do a post from my iPad. I need another option other than using my PC for blogging especially since I am usually out and about. Hopefully this is a success so I can bring you guys more posts. This should be exciting.
This is Echo Park by American Apparel. They recently had a amazing sale with free shipping so I racked up. This is what I am wearing today so I has to share this with you guys. It's a pale grey and I'm loving it. I have other grey polishes, but this is the palest of them all. For some reason, my newest nail polish desire is for nude and neutral colors. As you all know, I have my moments when it comes to nail colors. LOL


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J'Adore Fashion said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the nail will be great for fall too :)


LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree. Thanks girly :) @J'Adore Fashion

QawanDee said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it..I find myself picking up more nude colors as well.

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes. Sometimes we just want to give ourselves a break from being bold (or at least that's how I feel at times) LOL @QawanDee