Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pain Free Waxing with Topicaine?

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the holiday? Do you have any plans for the Labor Day weekend? For me I think I am going to lay out at the beach and catch some rays. I haven't all year so now is the perfect chance to do so. Speaking of the beach. This brings me to my post on Topicaine. I have always been a hair removal type of gal. I use Nair, Veet, Sally Hansen, and Razors. Body hair has never been something I've liked. To me its pointless having because it does nothing for me. LOL. Its just bothersome and yucky on me. Ewww
My GF mentioned to me that a bikini wax is the best ever. I have never had anything waxed before including my eyebrows (I know I'm behind the times). I have a high tolerance for pain so I went in thinking I was going to be a trooper. NOT! It was the worse experience ever and I wanted to choke my GF. I must admit though that when I saw the end result I couldn't stop smiling. I was baby smooth and the best part was that I remained that way for weeks after. It was so surprising to me. I've had it done a few times since because the results outweigh the pain.
I decided to purchase this product to ease the pain a little. I purchased it from Amazon and it has 5% lidocaine which is the highest percentage I could find. Its a gel which I read doesn't dissolve as quickly as a cream does. I put this on a hour and a half before my wax. I also wrapped up with saran wrap so the gel can really penetrate in my skin. I think I used about half of the tube during all of this.
Did this ease the pain? No.
Was this worth the purchase? No.
Will I purchase another numbing cream or gel? No.
I just have to be honest. It was still painful and it did not ease the pain enough for me to purchase this small tube again for the price I paid which was $18. On a scale of 1-10 (1=pain and 10=no pain) I would say the gel was a level 5. It didn't do much of anything for me. I will still get waxed because it thins the hair and the hair takes a longer time to grow back in comparison to the other methods I WAS using. I'll just deal with the pain and think about Candyland everytime I go :)

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