Friday, November 4, 2011

American Apparel Nail Polish Swatches - Fall/Winter Shades of Green

I must say that my first love is nail polish. I consider myself to be a polish fanatic! I enjoy pampering myself with manicures and pedicures. 

Nail Polish adds that extra girly touch of color and makes any ring piece pop a little more while also adding an extra splash of color to any outfit. Since the fall and winter months are near, I am on the search for the newest colors to add to my current collection. 

I have purchased from American Apparel in the past, but my first experience with the nail polish just so-so. Although the color I selected was amazing and I received so many compliments, I was not pleased with the quality of the product. After a day or so, the polish started to chip. 

Since I believe in giving second chances and I had a coupon for the store, I decided to give them another try. I am glad I did  

I love how the packaging really protected the bottles

After I got the outside wrapping off, each bottle was individually wrapped as well

At the top from L to R: Army Jacket - Crescent Heights
Below: Passport Blue (Not reviewed in this post)

Crescent Heights


Army Jacket

"Army Jacket" is a true army green. I love green and I am glad that I purchased this particular shade. This color will look really nice paired with a Taupe or Beige Blazer
Army Jacket with Flash

Without Flash

"Trenchcoat" reminds me of a Werthers Original Hard Candy. It is also the color of Caramel. It is a really nice neutral color, but not so neutral that is it muted. This color pairs well with rust or orange colored tops. 

Trenchcoat with Flash

Without Flash

I was unsure about "Crescent Heights" because it appeared to be a very bright neon color which is not what I was going for. I preferred fall/winter colors that would blend well with the other colors I selected. This color is perfect and a nice surprise. It reminds me of a split pea with just a hint of lime. This goes well with grey. I think this is my favorite so far and a must have!

Crescent Heights with Flash

Without Flash

With these amazing colors and a great price, I must say....IT IS WORTH THE PURCHASE! 
I will be buying more colors in the future because they are very unique and you cannot find any colors like this anyplace else. Two Thumbs Up **************