Friday, December 23, 2011

My Zoya Collection !

I have been following and watching Zoya on Facebook and Twitter within the past few weeks. Their promos are addictive. They can happen at anytime, but you have to be quick because it is first come first serve. Once all the allotted promos are used, you have to wait for the next promo.

When I first opened the Zoya packaging, I was amazed. I had never received such quality packaging before especially for nail items. It was very protected. 

I also received color spoons which was a first for me because I've never had nail color spoons. It's like having the colors right there so I'm a happy girl!
4 color spoons(1 is a duplicate), 7 polishes, cuticle gel, and nail remover
I now have 12 polishes and finally decided to give one a try. About time LaTasha! LOL
I tried MALIA first and it's so beautiful. A perfect year round color...
...BUT I was kinda bummed because it bubbled right after my polish

I did a polish change the next day and tried KRISTEN from the Feel Collection. 

Kristen is a pale grey-blue color. I received so many compliments on this color
 There was NO bubbling so the first time, I know I did something incorrectly :-)
I LOVE this color so much
This is what I will be wearing for the holidays.
Its called SNOW WHITE for a reason

Overall, I am totally in love with Zoya items. The Qtica Oil Gel is wonderful and I really like the fact that I received it for free.

I never carry cuticle oil in my purse because it may spill since it is oil. I never carry cuticle cream because it can melt if it's too warm, so the gel is just what I've been wanting because the tube is tightly sealed like a lip gloss.


Bloo said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! I love Zoya. I just bought Kristen with their latest promo of get 2 free polishes, just pay for shipping. Their remove + is my go to nail polish remover. I love it. I have never had one bubble on me though. Bad batch maybe. What do you use for a base and top coat?

Was the cuticle oil a freebie for spending so much? When I did it I got the smallest bottle of remove + and because I spent even more I got a full size hand scrub. Now that I think about it I should have made a bigger order lol.

Have you tried their hot lips? They are pretty good.

XOXO said... Best Blogger Tips

I cannot wait to get my 2 newbies. Kristen is so pretty. I got the cuticle oil as part of a promo actually. It was a BOGO. I have not tried their hot lips as of yet, but I know I will soon because I love everything about Zoya and their affiliates :-) Thanks much