Saturday, December 17, 2011

Urban Expressions Bernadette Quilted Handbag from Hautelook

Hey Ladies!
     I have missed you guys while I have been away. I had my wisdom teeth extracted and thought everything was OK after being stuck in the house for a week, but.... the following week, surprise surprise! I got my first sinus infection. Luckily I caught it in the early stages, but I believe that I am now back to my normal self (knock on wood). 
     I want to share with you what I have been doing from the comforts of my home. A few weeks ago, Hautelook had really cute purses and it made me wonder. Ok, here is the deal! My dream purse is from Chanel. I love the looks of the purse because of the chain strap. Since Santa will probably not bring me a Chanel this year, I got something else with a chain strap. 
     When I saw this bag, I didn't know what color I should get. I have no red clutches (Well, I have one but it's nothing flashy at all and I never wear it) and since I love red lips, I decided to get it in red. I am so glad that I did. 
     The purse is Urban Expressions - Bernadette Quilted Handbag. It was $29.95 which included the shipping. The price was just right because I felt that if the purse was a flop, I wouldn't be out too much money. Also the purse was returnable so I figured WHY NOT?
She is so beautiful!!
Hautelook made sure that it was packaged well so two thumbs up for that

It has a zipper closure instead of button which I really love also. I feel like when it's smaller in size and has just a button closure that anything can fall out, or someone else's hands can make their way in!

This is exactly the chain strap that I wanted. Just the right about of gold! It's not too over the top and its so perfect!!
For all the vegans, this is PETA approved. No animals were harmed in manufacturing this purse. Also, this is the best Faux leather bag I believe I have ever seen. It is not flimsy at all. The purse is very sturdy.

I had to give this a try with Le Beau by Jewelmint and it looked great together. 

     I receive notifications from Hautelook via email. I check every day at 11am EST for this purse to come back in stock because I will get another color ASAP. I believe I will try the gold next go around. 
     I cannot believe this purse was only $29.99 because it is SO worth much more. This is really a steal. I felt like a college girl (which I am) or either Lauren Bosworth. Its so cute and so me!
     If you are not subscribed to Hautelook, please join here. There are no membership fees and like I said before, the deals usually start at 11am EST. Also, you want to make sure you sign up to receive email notifications so you will not miss out on any daily deals they have such as NYX, Urban Decay, Philosophy, etc.