Friday, January 20, 2012

Perfect Pair with JewelMint and Nina Ultra Pro

I have decided to try something new with my blog. Since I have so many bottles of nail polish and quite a few jewelry pieces, along with makeup. I want to show you how to pair any of the two together. I will bring you my idea of a good pair. This may give you options on how you can possibly wear items that you may have in your collection, would like to add to your collection, or ideas on thinking out the box.
When this Jewelmint item was released, I did not think it was something I needed to add to my collection. After a few ladies received theirs and started to show off pictures, my mind totally changed. Unfortunately for me, the item was SOLD OUT :-( No one was selling any and I could not find this jewelry piece anywhere which was surprising because usually when an item is sold out, Jewelmint usually re-releases the item sometime in the near future, but not for this piece. It had been a few months and this item was never re-released. 

Everyone was selling the item on ebay for outrageous prices and wanting to trade for outrageous pieces like Orbit or Blazing Chain. Unreal! These items are also sold out, coveted, and reserved items but there was NO way I would trade any of my much older pieces for this newbie even if it is hard to find! The older the item is from Jewelmint, the harder it is to find. Once you let go of a much older item, you might as well kiss it goodbye forever because your chances are slim to none on ever getting it again.

The most recent Jewelmint mystery bag had actually had the item in the bags! I was shocked and surprised because Jewelmint had always claimed the item was out of stock. I decided to purchase a few bags (4 to be exact) in hopes that I would get this item. After I received all 4 of my bags, I did not the piece in any of my bags and I was shocked, but I guess that's the risk you take.  
Luckily, my fabulous friend found this item I was looking for so I was able to grab it for a really good deal. When I received it, I knew what the big deal was. This was a awesome piece, very sturdy, unique, and so beautiful! I know you're wondering what this piece is, YES it is the infamous Vanguard Necklace by Jewelmint! I had just the perfect styling idea on how to match up this necklace with a Polish that I have always had, but never tried. I thought the colors went perfect together and I was elated that I had her to add to my growing collection. This deserved to be a Perfect Pair!

The metallic green in the polish is the same metallic - like pewter green that is in the necklace. They both are so unique in their colors and I was surprised as how they matched perfectly!
Nina Ultra Pro "Mossy Britches"
I also wore the polish with a few of my December Friendship Bracelets, Polar Ends, and some Trinity Bracelets. Really cute!
If you do not own Vanguard, or haven't had a chance to see it but have any of the items below, you can pretty much figure out the color that I am speaking of. 
(l-r) Polar ends, Pin Up, &  SteamPunk
Also, if you are near a Sally's Beauty, stop by and pick up a few bottles of Nina Pro Polish. Right now, they are on sale for about $3 so rack up. This polish is amazing and better than others that I have and paid more than double the price for.


Arden said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, the nail color is gorgeous. xx

XOXO said... Best Blogger Tips

@Arden Thanks! I am in the process of posting some new colors that I purchased from the same line. Very nice polish and inexpensive!