Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nina Ultra Pro Nail Lacquer Review

I purchased this polish on a whim a few months ago. I am the type of gal that purchases bottles of nail polish, but in no rush to try them. I finally gave this polish a try once I received my Vanguard necklace by Jewelmint because the colors were so similar. That review is here !

Mossy Britches (Sunlight)
Mossy Britches (Indoors w/Flash)
When I went back to Sally's to look for another product, I saw that Nina Ultra Pro was on sale again. I took this as my chance to get a few more bottles. I picked up Bittersweet and Blue La La. 
Bittersweet (Sunlight)
Bittersweet (Indoors w/Flash)
Blue La La (Sunlight)
Blue La La (Indoors w/Flash)
When doing the swatches, I used no base coat or top coat and I used 2 coats of the nail lacquer
Outdoors (No Flash)
Indoors w/Flash
Blue La La (Indoors w/Flash)
Bittersweet (Indoors w/Flash)

By looking at the bottle, I thought that Blue La La would be a little darker, but it's lighter on my nails. It's a gorgeous blue. Bittersweet is also a nice cream finish polish that looks like it can belong to the purple family. It reminds me of a light plum and you can really see that with the indoors photo of the bottle above. It is still a pretty color. 

I loved how easy the polish goes on and with one coat, I could tell that a little was going to go a long way. This is a really amazing Nail Lacquer, especially for those shopping on a budget, or wanting to add to their growing Nail Polish Collection like myself. I love it!!

Yay's (Pros) of this product:

  • The coverage is amazing (2 coats is all you need)
  • This is the best polish I have ever purchased at this low of a cost (about $3) 
  • Nice color selections
  • Long lasting (I did not have to do any touch ups on my nails and the polish lasted over 4-5days!!)
Nay's (Cons) of this product:
  • I actually have nothing bad to say about this polish at all


Simone said... Best Blogger Tips

everyone looks good, but my fav is blue one :)

HelloMissKitty said... Best Blogger Tips where did you find this brand of polish?!!? loving the green one :) I'm on ya blog like everyday lol love ur style ma'am!

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

It's no problem at all and thank you :-)I purchased it from Sally's Beauty. The color is similar to China Glaze Peace on Earth. Its a stand out gorgeous green. I would recommend both, or at least one for sure! @HelloMissKitty