Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Essie Absolutely Shore Review

When I saw this color online, I was intrigued because it so unique and unlike any other polish I've seen or owned. At first glance, it reminds me of a white polish. After I received the polish, I noticed that it was a pale baby blue (sky blue), but at times it looks green also. Is it green or blue? Hmm! Maybe it's just me. IDK. 

Without Flash, this polish may look blue to some. As you guys know, I love when polishes can have different shades so I am sold regardless.

What are your thoughts on the color? 
Of course the quality is great because it's Essie. 
Essie is one of those brands that I love and will always love. 
The polish is so smooth and easy to apply. 
It's not too thick and not too thin. 
I am sure about Absolutely Shore!
Also, Essie describes the polish as a sea foam green.

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*** Two Coats of Polish were used in my review *** 
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