Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jewelmint Puzzle Pieces Ring Review

JewelMint had a promotion if you purchase one item, you would get their Puzzle Pieces Ring free. I was uncertain if I should grab the ring because it's a one size fits all ring. Yep, one size fits all! I wear a size 8 in their rings so I was clueless how that'll work. I thought about it and thought about it and decided to just go for it. It was free so it couldn't hurt. Also, I figured if I couldn't fit it, I could trade with someone or gift it. When I received my ring I was shocked, amazed, and happy. This ring is the bomb! Even though I am no longer a JewelMint member, I still want to be honest about their items and this is a must have piece in my opinion. Some ladies have said the ring is cheap, poorly made, and flimsy, but I disagree. I think its sturdy, unique, and a good quality piece. I cannot recall if this is sterling silver, but it seems like it. I've washed dishes with it and there is no fading, or any issues. I LOVE THIS RING!! 
What makes this ring so unique is that it's actually two separate pieces that connect to form one circle(a ring). As you try to put the ring on your finger, the opening gets larger and molds to the size of your finger.
I wear this ring more than any other ring in my collection. I know a lot of ladies are selling their Puzzle Pieces for pretty good prices, so I would recommend picking one up for yourself, friend, or family member. If you are a size 6, you probably could wear this on your thumb or middle finger because it will be too large for your ring finger. For those who wear a size 7-8, you can wear this on your ring finger, or pointer like myself 


Bloo said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish I didn't skip this promo. I just feel like it's a bit simple to pay full price for it.

the beauty architect. said... Best Blogger Tips

I caved and purchased this ring from someone on Fresh Mints. Your pictures were extremely helpful!

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

How do you like it? I have no idea why there are negative comments about this ring, but I love it. I wear it almost everyday. You're Welcome also :-) @the beauty architect.

HelloMissKitty said... Best Blogger Tips

LaTasha, y aren't u with jewelmint any more??? I use to love watching ur reviews on youtube and that's how I decide on what to purchase.
I also have this ring and I love, love it as well! I would have to agree it is well put together.

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank u. I felt bad when I canc my membership bc I enjoyed chatting it up w/the ladies. At the time, I felt like JM got a little too big for their britches so I left. It's ironic you mention them bc I rejoined a few days ago w/ a friend of mines so I'm back on a part time basis :-) @HelloMissKitty

HelloMissKitty said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah, i feel u on that cause some of their pieces dnt look like they are worth the 29.99 and almost like something u can find in Forever21. And then they will have this one piece that will throw u off ur feet lol. But glad u r bac with them hope to see a review soon. :)

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

YEP! HaHa. You are right about everything you said. When I get my item(s), you know I will do a review for sure @HelloMissKitty