Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Model's Own "Grace Green" Review

I purchased a few bottle's of Model's Own polish a while back. There is a story behind this polish so let me tell you! HaHa!! I purchased the polish directly from their site which is not U.S. based. At checkout, I was shown one amount, but when I checked my bank account, the amount was much higher. This was a error on my part for not reading the website information first. What happened was the site did not automatically convert me to U.S. dollars at checkout like I thought it would. Ooops!
Since it has been a while, I am not sure if it's still the same process today, but I wanted to give you a heads up....just in case. LOL. This is one of the colors that I purchased and never used until recently. I thought I should do a review since I haven't done any on Model's Own yey. 

The color is called Green Grace and it's so pretty. It's the perfect shade of green and it looks so fresh!
I think since I paid more for the polish than I expected, my mind was treating the bottles like they were made of diamonds. I just wanted to cherish and hold on to these babes for as long as I could which is why it's taking so long for me to use them. I actually forgot I had these bottles because I had them hidden in my house.
I used 2 coats with a base and top coat. The coverage is amazing and there is no streaking at all with this polish. This is really some amazing polish. It is so lush. Now, I think I am ready to review the other colors I have. I can't wait!