Sunday, February 26, 2012

NYX Girls Polish Swatches and Review -- PART II

I am just remembering that I did not do a post for the most recent items that I purchased. 
I am sorry this is a few days late. 
My class is ending shortly so I am busy busy busy! Also, it's allergy season and it's kicking my butt. 
Every year I go through this and will probably continue to go through this forever. 
It would be nice to get allergy shots like everyone else, but the process for that is a headache. 
All the pricking and sticking is too extreme to me. I'll just stick with Benadryl. LOL
Anyhow, I love NYX Girls Polish so much that I decided to purchase some more and 
I'm pretty happy with what I selected, other than the dupes. I really do not like dupes.
(l-r)Pink Note, Pimp My Nail, Plain Jane, Between Mauve and Purple, My Sunshine, Forever 1989
I love Cotton Candy and this polish makes me want some. 
Yum ! This pink is so girly and cute. I was worried that this would 
be a dup because I have sooooo many pink polishes, 
but I was jumping up and down because it's not. 
I cannot wait to wear her. She's so me
NYX Pimp My Nail has some similarities to China Glaze Spontaneous. They both are a bold bright green, but  China Glaze is more fluorescent while NYX is a little darker. If you want nails that pop, either one of these polishes will work. I love green nails! 
How hot is this polish? VERY! Usually a nude polish comes off too sheer, or the color is a little off but this is right on. It's such a  fun, but classy and unique nude (beige). This blew me off my feet. Wow!
 Such a beautiful color that I can wear all year round. I would say that these two are dead on dupes. 
I cannot say that NYX is a dup for China Glaze or vice versa because the prices 
are comparable depending on if you catch China Glaze on sale. When looking at the colors, 
you cannot tell the different between China Glaze Spontaneous and NYX Between Mauve and Purple, 
which BTW looks purple without Mauve. 
It is really hard for me to find different shades of yellow polish. 
I remember purchasing two yellow polishes from other brands, 
but I realized after I got them home they both had shimmer which is not what I wanted. 
Thank goodness, this is a creme yellow with a hint of orange. 
It's really reminds me of sunshine and I am really pleased with this color. 
Exactly what I wanted and it's not too bright. So vibrant and pretty. 
Reminds me of the beach and lots of fun!
 Here was another dead on dup. NYX Forever 1989 reminds me of a pumpkin orange, 
or retro color from 1989 (Yes, I remember that year. LOL). 
Online, I thought the color was going to be brighter, but its really toned down orange. 
There is no difference between NYX and Finger Paints Tangerine Mist that I already owned. 
It's kinda of a bummer but at least I know that I'll have a backup if I need one :-)

Overall, I love love and LOVE NYX Nail Polish and all of their items. The price is amazing and cannot be beat. The quality is great too. I feel like you can never go wrong with NYX, or at least I haven't ♥

Thanks for stopping by, XOXO 

*** Two Coats of Polish were used in my review *** 
All items shown in this video were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any company, nor have I been provided with any products to review in this post, or any of my previous posts


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