Friday, April 6, 2012

BaubleBar Crystal & Lemon Cushion Cut Studs

I have always looked at these studs but I thought that $40 was maybe more than what I wanted to pay, but BaubleBar changed my mind. They recently had what they called a "Cushion Cut Craze" where you received a pair of cushion studs for FREE if you spent $40. I could not pass up on that deal. I was eyeing the pink studs as my freebie because they are cute and girly. Also I had nothing like them in my jewelry collection now. After searching, I decided to get another pair of cushion studs, then get the crystal studs for free. I wanted the peach or lemon studs, but the peach were out of stock so I grabbed the lemon. I made a great choice!
Lemon Cushion Studs
When I purchased the studs, I considered gifting the crystal studs but after I received them in my possession, all of that changed. LOL. I really think I am going to keep them both for myself. They are so gorgeous. 
The lemon studs reminds me of canary diamonds and are my new favorite earrings. They are jaw dropping literally. Both pair of studs are sparkly and have a nice weight to them, but they are not heavy though. I now see why they are $40 because they are worth it and more. I was really blown away when I saw these. All I can say is WOW! 
This is my second purchase from BaubleBar and I am still a satisfied customer. The quality of their items are top notch and beautiful. I  everything I have purchased from them and the amazing deals. I wanted to share my referral link with you guys. With the link I can earn credits from BaubleBar and you will receive $10 off your 1st purchase. I think that's pretty fair. Let me know what you think about them.

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