Friday, April 13, 2012

Orly Green Apple Swatches

I purchased this polish sometime last year. I kept looking at the bottle and looking at it, but never tried it. I have no idea why, but you know how I am. (Yes, sometimes it takes me forever to try items I've purchased) Right now, I am having a green polish addiction so this color was next in line. As soon as I put the polish on, I could have kicked myself for waiting forever to wear it. It's such a unique and pretty green. In the bottle, I thought the green would be toned down, but it's actually a little brighter once applied. I would not say its a lime green, but its definitely a bright green apple. The name really fits this polish. 

After I put the polish on, it really remind me of Crescent Heights by American Apparel. The #1 difference is Crescent Heights is brighter and bolder. Both colors are really gorgeous regardless. I am loving my current green addiction and I ♥ Orly Green Apple.

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*** Two Coats of Polish were used in my review ***

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