Friday, June 1, 2012

1st ShopLately Purchase w/BaubleBar Tangerine Triad Collar Dupe

Hello Everyone and TGIF! Let me explain how excited I am about this post. I was sharing with one of my FBF (Facebook Friends) that I wanted some jewelry, but did not want to pay much because as you guys know I have more than enough now. She told me about ShopLately and that they have lots of good quality items at a great price. I checked out the site every so often, but never purchased anything until this past weekend when they had a holiday sale. I couldn't be more shocked and happily surprised with the items I received. 
Collar necklaces are the new IT items and I wanted one to add to my collection. Also neon is the new trend too so I went for both. A Neon Collar Necklace!
Neon Geo Collar Necklace
Back of the necklace. It's really sturdy & I will be wearing it on both sides. LOL
 This necklace is so hot and fiery. I love how bright it is but it's not too over the top. I cannot wait to do a OOTD and show you guys. 
You will be stunned to see how similar this necklace is to BaubleBar's Tangerine Triad Collar Necklace. My mouth dropped. Check out the picture here
However, BaubleBar's necklace is $32 while ShopLately has this for $16.50.
Huge difference right? LOL. Exactly!!!!
Zipped Up Statement Earrings
I also decided to purchased these earrings which are unique like myself. They are huge zippers. How cute and I love the length.
As part of my purchase, ShopLately included 3 friendship bracelets for free. They picked the colors which was fine with me since they cost me $0 and they are cute. Sorry, I could not find a direct link for these. They remind you of the bracelets I purchased from Target huh? I think so too. Check out that post here
Overall, I am glad my GF told me about ShopLately. It's shopping but without breaking the bank. Also, the shipping is $2.99 but that's not bad. When I received my items, they included $5 off my next purchase so Yay!!!!
If you would like to join ShopLately, feel free to use use my link and do some Happy Shopping.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.....XOXO 

All items shown in this video were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any company, nor have I been provided with any products to review in this post, or any of my previous posts


QawanDee said... Best Blogger Tips

Firt let me say that I love, love ,love the neckalace, then I scrolled down and seen the earrings. OMGEEE!!!! I love them lol. I will be purchasing these like today. They are diff a must have! Thanks for the post lady! :)

LaTasha said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL. You're Welcome. Their items sell out fast. Usually they have different color variations of their pieces so that's a plus. I couldn't believe the price in comparison to BB. Huge price difference! @QawanDee