Monday, September 10, 2012

BaubleBar Marbled Gumdrop Duo Earrings Review

Hellooooo Everyone! How are you wonderful ladies & gents doing today? Fab I hope! I want to share with you my thoughts on these Marbled Gumdrop Duo Earrings in Turquoise that I purchased as part of  BaubleBar's Buried Bauble. I enjoy BB and Friday's are a great chance to get amazing deals from them. The item they select as the Buried Bauble can be anything from a necklace, earrings, bracelet etc. for only $10! When I saw these I grabbed them because the price was great and because I have always been a lover of turquoise and green shades especially when it comes to jewelry items. Looking at the picture of the model wearing these helped me with my purchase too.
When I received these I was a little sad at how boring they looked. I knew what size they were before I purchased them, but I thought they would pop more than they actually do on me. I love the bold color with the gold trim but they are not for me. When I think about who would like something like this, I think of my grandmother. They would be perfect for her. Not saying that is a bad thing but everything does not fit everyone. 

What did I decide to do with these earrings? 
Even though they were only $10 with free S&H I am returning these earrings and continuing to check every Friday for more BaubleBar deals :)

If you're interested in purchasing from BaubleBar and grabbing any of their pieces including their Buried and Platinum Bauble feel free to use my link for your purchase(s). They have really good pieces and you can definitely find items that are reasonably priced.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.....XOXO Muahhhh :)