Sunday, February 17, 2013

How I set up my Hookah!

This first time I experienced this was over the Christmas holiday when my cousin came down and brought hers along. It was rather....interesting (clear my throat). LOL. I enjoyed the flavor and richness of the tobacco so I wanted to get one for myself. I went ahead and pick this particular unit up from Amazon along with the other items I needed. Yesterday was my first time using my newbie and I was lost as ever on how to set it up which is why I wanted to share with you guys what I did. 
Hope you enjoy!

Fill the base with water leaving 2inches from the top opening
Connect the Hookah unit to the base
Should look like this when done!
Grab your Hookah tobacco (It's nicotine, tar, & tobacco FREE!!)
Add the tobacco to the bulb making sure to press down with your finger(s)
You can mix flavors as well
Add  foil to the top of the bulb
(Make sure shiny side of foil is facing down to retain charcoal heat unlike my picture)
Put tiny holes in the foil making sure the foil reminds tight and flat as possible
Add your charcoal (1 whole piece usually lasts 1 hour)
Chop down if you want to shorten your hookah time
Light the charcoal
While the charcoal is heating up, add your pipe to the unit (This hookah has two openings)
Connect the pipe to the opening, or you can connect two pipes if two people will be smoking

Add a mouth piece and you're ready to enjoy
All the items I purchased have been linked below if you want to purchase the same. Happy HOOKAH!