Sunday, March 24, 2013

My 1st Wash & Go as a Natural

Hey Everybody!

I know I've been posting less and less over the past few weeks. I've just needed some ME time. We all could use that once in a while right?
I wanted to share with you the results of my 1st ever WnG(Wash N Go). I have made a decision to experiment more and more with my natural curls for some added variety and to pull me myself out of my lazy hair moods. I was pretty excited by the results and will be doing this again for sure!

How I achieved my results:
  1. Washed with a clarifying shampoo (I like to clarify if I know I'm going to a treatment and/or color during my next wash). 
  2. I used my Pantene Curly conditioner 
  3. Finger detangled
  4. After I towel dried, I spray a little Aphogee Green Tea Restructurizer with a quarter size of Grapeseed Oil  
  5. I sectioned my hair in tiny small sections using my hands to apply my brown Protein Eco Styler Gel along with some S-Curl gel I had (I don't know why I had this LOL). 
  6. I allowed my hair to partially air dry before I lost my patience and whipped out my hand dryer. Tada!

What I will do different the next time?
I will add more oil to each section of hair because I want my hair to be as shiny as possible. I'll incorporate Argan Oil because that gives my hair amazing shine! I will also incorporate a cream for the LOC Method.

What did I do at night?
I tried to pineapple my hair but that did not work for me and I don't know if it ever will :( I ended up just putting a bonnet on and that's all.

How long did it last?
Definitely not as long as some ladies have said. They can last a week. I still haven't mastered that yet, but I know I'll be able to maintain a little longer after a few more attempts

BTW: If you click on the highlighted words you will be directed to the products that I used 
*This does not necessarily mean I purchased the products from the sites mentioned*

Thanks for stopping by,
LaTasha xo