Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy Chobani Banana Easter Freeze Pops

Hello Everyone. It is officially Spring but the weather is still crazy. I can't believe it was just snowing the other day. I have never been more ready for warm weather. How bout yourself? Since Easter is right around the corner I decided to make some festive Easter Freeze Pops :) 
These molds were only $2.99 at my local grocery store!
Washed and ready to go
I used a full container of Chobani and this much of banana
I spooned yogurt into the mold and added a little banana pieces along the way
It was enough for two full molds
The next day after sitting in the freezer,
I added some hot water over the Freeze Pop mold and...
If you love yogurt or Chobani as much as I do, then you will love these. Of course they taste good. I love Chobani! If you want to make other changes to the recipe you can. You can use plain yogurt or add other types of fruits. You can also add protein for yourself, or other fun things like Gummi Bears for the kids. Yum! If you try at home let me know what you decided to add and how it worked for you. Enjoy

I hope you have a great Easter!
LaTasha xo

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