Monday, April 1, 2013

Sugar 'n Spice VoxBox

Hello Everyone! 
I wanted to share with you my most recent VoxBox from Influenster called "Sugar 'n Spice." I have mentioned Influenster before if you remember that post. I love Influenster and wanted to give you a review on each item. that was in my box. 
When I received my box I was so excited. There were a few items I was eyeing previously and wanted to try
I enjoy using them after my hair removal process. I put a little Tend Skin on the towelette then wipe all over. 
They are mild enough to use on my legs or bikini area. It really soothes my skin even when used alone. 
I love that the towelettes are really moist and not dry like some other pre-wrapped products can be.

Added a little nectresse to my morning coffee. The taste reminds me of Stevia or Truvia
which are not my personal favs. The flavor is too strong. Even with a little of it in my coffee which also
had flavored creamer, I still taste the nectresse. It was hard to mask that flavor. It's overpowering.
I have a friend who mentioned eating these for breakfast.
I have seen these at my local grocery store but when I realized they were just breakfast biscuits, I passed because they seemed a little boring.
 I am glad that I did receive these because they are good!!!!!
They are perfect for anytime of the day and I love them after my meals as a little snack.
I went and purchase a box in the Blueberry because I love them so much. Yum
As you can see I was already a lover of whitening toothpaste.
I have been a Crest girl for years because I loved the taste but
Colgate Optic White taste just as good.
After a while my body gets immune to a product and stops working so I will be purchasing Colgate from now on because I am aiming for that bright white smile :))
I was also excited about receiving this product. After my application,
I loved the fact that it was quick and easy because it is a spray moisturizer
 but it makes my skin itch :( I tried it after showering one night and
was itching all night throughout my sleep.
I tried it during the day and the same results.
I find myself having to use this along with vaseline or cocoa butter to minimize the itching.
It kind of defeats the purpose of being a "Spray & Go" product for me.
If Vaseline comes out with a Sensitive Skin moisturizer I may give it another try but overall I was disappointed.
Thanks for stopping by,
LaTasha xo

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes