Monday, June 3, 2013

Inexpensive Spring/Summer Lippies!

Orange Tint
(very top) Pink Tint
(underneath Pink Tint) Lavender Tint
 (gold tube)African Violet
(black tube)Shocking Pink
NK Orange Tint
NK Pink Tink
NK Lavender Tint
Black Radiance African Violet 
NYX Shocking Pink
Hey Luves! It seems like posting these pictures was never going to happen. I'm not sure why but my camera would not pick up on the true colors so I had to use my iPhone instead. The swatches are pretty dead on thankfully. Ok, so I have been seeing NK colors everywhere. I already owned Pink Tint which I love so I decided to add Lavender and Orange Tint to the family. I saw a few people wearing the Lavender and it looked great and pigmented on them so why not. After purchasing it for myself, I KNOW they used a primer or something else to alter the color of the lippie. Don't get me wrong, the colors are nice but they are not highly pigmented. They feel like Revlon Lip Butter so they're very smooth and silky, but they don't have a whole lot of color. The Lavender is pretty, but the Orange disappointed me a lot. The lipstick is very bright and festive as you can see above, but once applied it is  dull :( These lippies were only 99c at my local BSS but they are available online for $1.49!

Next up is African Violet by Black Radiance. Ladies! OMG. Grab this today if you can. It was only 1.99 at my local Rite Aid and it's amazing. It's also very smooth AND has a lot of pigmentation. It's unreal how amazing the color is. It reminds me a little of Hoochie by OCC believe it or not even though it's not close to being a dupe.

Last but not least is NYX Shocking Pink. I kept telling myself for months that I did NOT need this lipstick. I lied! I needed it and I'm glad that I got it for only $5. It's a matte but not drying at all. Some have compared this to Candy Yum Yum by MAC (which I don't own) but I could tell as soon as I saw the tube that it was nothing close to Candy Yum Yum. I've seen that color and it's a bright florescent pink. Shocking Pink it not but it is still a gorgeous pink.

What are you favorite lippies for the season?

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