Monday, October 15, 2012

Who wants some Arm Candy? Yummy

Hey Everyone! It's Monday and the start of a busy week for me. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I will be attending a Wine Festival this weekend and I cannot wait. I have been working non stop so having some downtime with the girlz is really exciting and I will be sharing my time there with you guys like I did before on my YouTube channel (below)

Alright back to the subject at hand. I am in love with my most recent arm candy or "arm party" like my girlfriend (friend that's a girl) says.
J. Crew Mini Ram 
Left Hand:
* J. Crew Mini Ram 
My coworker brought in her J. Crew Hinge Cuff and I fell in love so I had to order one asap. Luckily for me J. Crew had their Mini Ram on Sale. It wasn't the one my coworker had but for the price it will work for me. Instead of paying 99.99 for the bracelet I grabbed it for 69.99 with an add'l 30% off. I recommend you guys check them out before they are all gone. When the bracelet is closed, it measures to a little over 2.5in wide. The mini rams have blue eyes and they're holding onto a gold diamond or rhinestone ring. It's really beautiful in person and the pictures do no justice at all. Hurry Hurry Hurry LOL

* JewelMint Ever Frost Ring which is currently on sale for $9 and almost SOLD OUT (Reg 29.99)
* JewelMint Cinema Americano (sold out)
* JewelMint Golden Goose Bracelet (sold out)

Right Hand:
* Target Bracelet
* Fossil Watch
*JewelMint Friendship Bracelets (a variety)

For the pieces that are sold out, check out eBay because usually you can find the items there. The prices range but I have gotten good deals from there so don't be discouraged :) 

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.....XOXO Muahhhh :)